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The City of Tomah’s police and fire commission could have a new fire chief picked as soon as Wednesday night. The commission will be interviewing for the job Wednesday night, including an interview with current assistant chief Tim Adler. Current chief Kevin Decorah is retiring in May after more than 13 years as chief.

The Monroe County board is expected to decide whether to spend another 3 million dollars on a new county jail Wednesday night. Bids for the new jail came in just short of 28 million dollars earlier this month, 3 million dollars more than the board approved spending on the jail about 18 months ago. The extra money would be borrowed.

Tomah schools are projecting a 300 thousand dollar deficit for the 2014-15 school year and 750 thousand dollar deficit for the 15-16 school year. But superintendent Cindy Zahrte says some health insurance changes could help with those numbers. Zahrte says they were expecting an 8 percent insurance cost increase this coming year, but they’ll be some saving because of bidding out the insurance. Zahrte says it’s an example of changes that happen that you do not know about that you can start taking into account.

While some bugs may not have survived the cold and snowy winter, lots of ticks unfortunately may have. UW-Madison professor Susan Paskewitz says the snow may have actually helped tick populations survive. Paskewitz says places with early-season snow that stayed may have provided insulation for the ticks, enough so that few if any died. Paskewitz says it remains important to check yourself and your children for ticks after you’ve been outside.

The City of Tomah is going to start focusing a little more on cutting down underage drinking. Police chief Mark Nicholson says they’ve had a bad stretch of compliance check failures. Nicholson says they hope bartenders, cashiers and waitresses can start doing a better job of checking IDs. Nicholson says there’ll still be random quarterly checks.

La Crosse police have released information on a possible suspect in Tuesday morning’s armed robbery at the Cass Street Kwik Trip. Police say he’s a white man, 5-10, 160 pounds, wearing a long sleeve, gray, hooded sweatshirt, and black pants, boots, glove and a face mask. For photos of the suspect, go to http://lacrossepd.org.

Monroe County’s Sheriff’s Office is warning of after-hours scam where phone calls are coming from someone claiming to be Sheriff Pete Quirin or other members of the department. The callers say there’s a warrant for your arrest the needs to be paid immediately or you’ll be arrested. If you receive this type of call, call your local police.

Tomah police are asking people not to jump into Lake Tomah, including off the dock in Winnebago Park. Police say it started out a charity fundraiser for a cancer survivor, but now it’s being done only for fun and entertainment. It’s illegal to swim in Lake Tomah unless you’re waterskiing.

A Mauston teen was arrested last Wednesday night for felony meth possession after police say they went to break up a fight in the 500 block of McEvoy Street. Police say 17-year-old Jesse Willnow had a glass jar on him that tested positive for meth. Willnow has also been charged with damaging property and disorderly conduct.