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West Salem police say they’re seeing an influx of counterfeit bills, with the most common counterfeit 10 dollar bills. Police say most counterfeit bills are slightly off color or off center, missing holograms or feel like it was made out of different paper. Businesses are asked to check suspicious bills with a marking pen.

Public roads north of Highway 21 near Fort McCoy will be used to move military vehicles starting Wednesday and running through the second Saturday in August. The convoys will have less than 10 vehicles each, mainly Hum-Vees and pick-up trucks. The convoys will move administration as part of some off-base soldier training.

The ash-tree killing emerald ash borer was found near Oakdale earlier this month. Arborist Jeff Palmer says you should treat ash trees within 15 miles on Oakdale. Palmer says it takes just a few minutes to do and it’s done by an arborist. Palmer says that protects the tree for two full years. The finding means firewood from Monroe County can no longer be taken to Jackson, Juneau or Adams counties. It can be taken to already infested counties, but officials do not recommend it.

The federal government is considering sending the unaccompanied children currently immigrating across the southern border throughout the county, including to Wisconsin. Third District Congressional candidate Tony Kurtz says fixing the problem starts with securing the border. Kurtz says it may sound callous, but that the US needs to send the children back to their home countries. Kurtz says that would send a clear message to those behind the immigrations. Kurtz says he likes the ideas of Texas governor Rick Perry to fix the problem, including putting up more fences.

Black River Falls police are warning of a scam making the rounds. The most recent scam told residents their grandchild was in jail in another part of the country or in a foreign country and that money needed to be wired right away to bail them out. Police say the elderly are often targeted, and that you should not give out information over the phone.

14 Western Wisconsin rural school districts, including all eight Scenic Bluffs Conference districts, will get about 235 dollars per student in state sparsity aid for the coming school year. Districts with less than 725 students and less than 10 students per square mile are eligible. The districts got between 60 and 170 thousand dollars.

Jackson County police will be offering free children mini C-Ds to help police if the child is a crime victim Thursday through Saturday at the county fair. The CDs contain fingerprints, a photo, streaming video that show mannerisms and gait, and an audio file that shows inflection and accent. The service will be offered in the afternoons.

Tomah’s VA Medical Center and the Adams County vet services office will hold a vet benefits fair Thursday from 10 o’ clock to 3 o’ clock at the Adams County community center. The fair is open to vets and family members of vets. Vets will also be able to drop off any unused medications to be disposed.

Another debate between Monroe County sheriff’s candidates Scott Perkins and Wes Revels will be held Tuesday night at 6 o’ clock at Sparta’s American Legion Hall. Members of the public can submit questions to the moderator, and the moderator will decide whether they will be asked. The event is free and open to the public.




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