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Tomah police continue to investigate a person who was killed near the Canadian Pacific Superior Avenue railroad crossing late Saturday night. Police say the person was killed about 100 feet east of Superior Avenue by an eastbound train. The person was found dead at the scene. Three people have died statewide after being hit by trains in the past week. Two are believed-to-be suicides.

An Alma man was injured when his semi hauling a full load of milk rolled over just southwest of Blair Monday morning. Police say the semi of 61-year-old James Bruegger went into the ditch on Highway 53 near Highway 95, with Bruegger ejected from the cab. The extent of his injuries is not known yet.

A plan to combine borrowing and reserves to fund a Monroe County 9-1-1 communication system upgrade fell one vote short of being passed by the county board last Wednesday. Board member Gene Treu thinks the county can get a more robust system for less money. Treu says the world’s gone digital, so for the county to invest in 20- to 30-year-old analog technology, at the same time the county can get federal grants and the county can have a better and expandable system for less money, the board owes it to county taxpayers to take a look at it. The plan has fallen short of being passed each of the last two months in part because of board members absent from the meetings.

One of La Crosse’s first new schools in the last quarter century opens Tuesday. Superintendent Randy Nelson says most of what was done in the last two weeks at the new Northside Elementary was minor work like cleaning. Nelson says it’s been a real seamless process from designing the building, selecting architects and working with contractors. Nelson it’s been nearly picture-perfect work from the passing of the referendum to build the school to Tuesday. Nelson says most of the furniture and equipment were also moved in before the last two weeks.

A probable cause hearing will be held next month in Adams County to send a man convicted of murder to a mental institution. 63-year-old Herbert Droste was declared a sexually violent person in the county nearly 20 years ago. Next month’s hearing comes out of a Friday afternoon hearing to re-declare Droste as sexually violent.

Tuesday is the first day of school for the year in most of Western Wisconsin. Drivers are reminded to stay at least 20 feet away from buses that are picking up or dropping off students, unless on the opposite side of a divided highway.

A 180 million dollar natural gas pipeline that would run from northwest of Black River Falls to Tomah could unintentionally kill some endangered or threatened species. But the DNR says the pipeline likely would not threaten the species with extinction, so they’re planning to give the project an incidental take authorization. To comment, go to http://dnr.wi.gov/news/weekly/article/print.asp?id=3074

Wisconsin’s cranberry industry is looking to China to help with an oversupply of berries. The oversupply has kept prices down. The state ag department brought in Chinese buyers to tour bogs and meet with farmers last week. Farmers harvested a record 6 million barrels of berries last year.

Men from Sparta and Black River Falls charged with amphetamine delivery in La Crosse County in separate cases will be in court for preliminary hearings Wednesday morning. 33-year-old James Johnson of Sparta and 28-year-old Derek Huntington of Black River Falls each face up to 12 ½ years in prison if convicted.




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